Microsoft certification

Last month I finished my second exam [70-562] – this means I’m now an MCTS in developing Web Applications(hurrah!), unfortunately I have to print my own certificate (boo!).

I got quite a lot out of reading through the self paced training kits – though they’re DULL AS HELL, and full of errata. Lots of little unknown unknowns in my knowledge of C# and got patched, and I learnt quite a bit about stuff I have never come across in my job or in my spare time.

The big downside to taking the examinations is the interface you’re forced with using – it’s bloody awful. Lack of mouse-wheel enabled scrolling of the question and answers, 800×600 resolution, no option to switch mouse buttons for lefties (minor point but still, it was a bit frustrating), and a strange UI behaviour where, if you click a radio button of a selected answer, it deselects it! – so my belt&braces OCD make-sure-I’ve-clicked-my-correct-answer method caught me out a few times. Despite the unnecessary hurdles, I made it through – seriously Microsoft, fix the interface.

Project-wise, I’m currently working on a top-down multiplay zombie shooter – Its in it’s infancy at the moment but you can find some early screen-shots on the Daybreak project webpage.

Legume is on hold for the meantime – it’s not dead – unlike zombies – which are.


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